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The MILA Library Opening Hours is as follows:


(As the operation hours may vary from time to time, you are advised to check for any revision of hours through our Library Bulletin Board, Collpoll or our WEBOPAC via link

It is located at the Level 2, North Wing

NO. Wearing your student ID card is compulsory at the Library and when you are on Campus.

NO. You are prohibited to do so. As for the bags, you can keep them in the pigeonhole cabinet, outside the Library. Please adhere to the rules and regulations. More about the library rules and regulations HERE rules_and_regulations.pdf

Yes. It is called “WEBOPAC”. The link to the website is as follows:

Yes. Especially if you would like to access the services provided by the MILA Library website that is “WEBOPAC” such as “past year exam paper.”, “online database”, etc. Once registered, you will be provided with a LOGIN and PASSWORD. Borrowers are required to register as well. However, for those who would like to access the WEBOPAC for GENERAL SEARCHING PURPOSES ONLY, such as looking for a book in the MILA Library, no registration required.

Absolutely not. You are advised not to do so as you will be fully responsible for any damage or loss.

Kindly obtain “Library Membership Form” from the Library staff at the Counter or you can request for the online form via email. (E-mail address is stated on the “WEBOPAC”) For ODL (Online Distance Learning) students, you can obtain it by downloading the “Library Membership Form” for students via WEBOPAC. The form is placed under the Services section. After you have completed the form, the Library staff will process it and provide you with the LOGIN & PASSWORD.

Undergraduate students can borrow 2 items at a time. More about borrowing privileges HERE  student_can_borrow.pdf

OPAC is the Online Public Access Catalogue or in other words, the library catalogue. It is an online database of all the resources and services held at the MILA library. Users can search OPAC to locate books in the library. It lists the number of items whether they are in the library or out on loan. Users also can obtain information on the availability of library materials through OPAC such as subscription online databases, past year exam paper, list of student’s project paper, facilities that library provided, etc.

The MILA library website link is: -

Get yourself register as a Library member by filling in the membership form either face to face at the Counter or via online. Upon completion of the form, please ensure to obtain your LOGIN and PASSWORD from the Library staff. In case you forgot your PASSWORD, please report to the librarian, and request them to reset it again.

Yes, you can. Just follow the instructions given HERE  how_to_renew.pdf

All “Past Year Exam Paper” could be accessed ONLINE via the following link: -
(Please ensure that you have registered as a library member and obtain the required credentials from the MILA Library)

Yes, you do. First, you must register as a library member by filling out the library membership form which you can get from the library staff at the counter (face to face) or online form via email/WEBOPAC. Once your form has been processed, the Library staff will provide you with the LOGIN and PASSWORD.

All the students’ theses are placed at the “Open Shelf” in the library (at the Engineering book shelf collection) However, this item could not be borrowed. It can only be referred to in the library. The list of theses is available at the library website

Currently, we have purchased 3 databases. There are Springer, ProQuest and EbscoHost. These databases consist of more than 500,000 titles on various subjects.

Those items could be accessed via On the webpage, it is placed at the left side and under E-resources -Online Databases. Just select and click at the required database.
(Note: Please ensure to register library member and get the LOGIN and PASSWORD from the Library staff. Without those credentials, you shall not be able to access it)

Yes. In fact, the email notification is not only sent to the Library user for overdue items but for borrowing, returning and renewal as well. With all the notices and reminders, all Library users should be well aware of all loan items made by them.

Open Shelf Book RM0.50 per item/day
Loss of Book • Can replace with the same book
• User must pay the book price + the overdue fine charges (if any) + RM25.00 (processing fee)

Fine imposed on the library member for late return of book is as follows:

Yes, absolutely through ILL (Inter Library Loan). What you can do is to get and fill out the ILL form from the library staff or via WEBOPAC (can download the form: please click on the LIBRARY FORM which is placed at the SERVICES section.) Submit the completed form and the library staff will check and arrange the needful with the selected University library. You shall be informed once MILA library has collected the required book.

The minimum balance is RM2.00. You won’t be able to print/photocopy if your card balance is below RM2.00

Yes. At the moment, we have 2 discussion rooms. ONLY 4 persons are allowed per entry. Please leave your STUDENT ID CARD with the security guard and fill out your details in the record book for statistical purposes.

“Book Drop” applies when the library staff is not around, or the library is closed. You can drop your book in the “book drop” any time 24/7. There are 2 book drops, one is located at the Counter (blue box) and the other one is just outside the main entrance (a cabinet) The library staff shall collect the books daily.

MILA Library has provided a “Self-Service TOUCH N’ GO Printing”. The printing machine is placed just outside the library. To “print” and “photocopy”, you are required to have a “TOUCH N’ GO” card with minimum balance RM2. There are 5 desktops provided by the library for printing purposes. It is in the desktops area. If you’d like to print, you need to open the document by using the desktop inside the library. (Please read the step-by-step guide on how to use the printing services on the notice board provided). After that, you can print by using the printing machine which is located outside of the library. As for the “photocopy”, you can directly do it at the “printing machine”.

The printing and photocopy services using TOUCH N’ GO. Cash payment is not acceptable.

Yes, you can. Not only your IC (MyKad) but you can also use “PLUS MILES, TESCO CLUBCARD, WATSON VIP CARD” etc.

You can buy from any nearest Petronas, Shell, 7 Eleven etc.

The price is as follows:

A4 size - COLOUR RM 1.00 per page
A4 size – BLACK & WHITE RM 0.10 per page

Note: “Scanning” services and A3 paper are not available.

Yes. There are 24 laptop stations including plug point provided by the library.

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